Corporate wellness programs are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee’s wellbeing by creating engaging programs centered around health, wellness and behavioral change. Employee programs should continually evolve to meet the health goals s of employees while supporting the goals of the business.


To put in simple terms, you care about your employees’ health, happiness and overall wellness.

Corporate wellness programs is an influential way to educate employees on the importance of a holistic approach to mind-body wellness, while integrating and sustaining daily, lifelong healthy habits.

Our country spends $3 trillion dollars on healthcare every year, yet 70-90% of chronic illnesses are preventable through lifestyle changes. Companies can do their part by offering daily wellness campaigns, encouraging behavioral changes, prevent illnesses and create workplace productivity for happy, healthy employees.

Imagine this.  You have a  team of dedicated, creative and open-minded individuals who know how to manage stress and remain focused when working under pressure. You know the when your employees are happy, your customers are happy. This ultimately leads to the success of your organization. We have many tools to help you achieve your goalsfor your team. . We offer a full range of workshops, yoga classes, weekend retreats, group coaching and individual coaching, all tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Hands-on, experiential exercises and techniques  and takeaways that employees can implement right away. Our mindfulness workshops  will not only help your teams handle obstacles of the working environment, but also help boost productivity, while limiting employee absence, staff turnover and interpersonal conflicts. Below are listed our standard corporate wellness packages, We can customize the topics and the length. We would be happy to do a two hour however we are flexible to personalize a custom package that will meet the specific needs of your organization. Our corporate wellness programs are designed to promote well being of the entire organization.

Employer Benefits

●  Greater satisfaction and retention rates
●  Decrease absenteeism
●  Lower healthcare costs and have fewer medical claims.
●  Reduce ergonomic related aches and strains while enhancing flexibility
●  Reduced stress, tension and exhaustion
●  Increase mental clarity and focus
●  Improve energy levels and mood
●  Increase productivity
●  Enhance positive team building and camaraderie
●  Engaged employees who feel more in control.

Wellness Plan Options (Custom requests are also encouraged)

●  Stress Management
●  Group Wellness Seminars
●  Health Wellness Challenges
●  Fitness + Wellness Challenges
●  Mind Body Exercises + Yoga
●  Meditation and Mindfulness
●  Nutrition Meal Planning
●  Energy Healing
●  Holistic Wellness and Health Coaching


In essence, health coaches are masters of habit change. ​A h​ ealth coach will​ spend time helping their clientsfigureoutwhattheirpersonalh​ ealth​andwellnessissuesare.Theywillthendevelopstrategies to meet their specific goals, whether it’s that they want to lose weight, reduce stress, sleep better or create more energy and vitality in their lives. As a health and wellness coach, we m​ entor, inspire, guide and motivate our clients to cultivate positive health choices. The reality is that most people know what they need to do to be healthy, but they just don’t do it. A health coach often shines a light on the nature of the self sabotaging behavior while setting up inevitable success to create small, positive changes. In the beginning, w​ e help them change what they want to change, yet it often drives big change across other areas too. Small hinges swing big doors. Activity, nutrition, sleep, stress, focus, cognition, financial health, personal relationships, philanthropy – whatever helps make them happy- that’s what we support wholeheartedly. We set the stage for inevitable success on a daily basis so they sustain healthy habits that drive long-term behavior change.

Group Wellness Seminars: Informative, Interactive and engaging

Our seminars are an excellent starting point for employees including health education and awareness. Our seminars offer valuable information, plus room for open dialogue and experiential exercises. We provide practical yet empowering tools to create positive change. Seminars are typically scheduled during the lunch hour, however mornings, evenings and weekends are also a possibility.

Integrative Holistic Tools:

●  MInd Body Experiential Exercises
●  Journaling
●  Positive Affirmations
●  Vision Boards
●  Yoga and Restorative Stretching
●  Mindfulness
●  Breath work
●  Guided Visualizations
●  Centering Practices
●  Gratitude Practice
●  Beginning Meditation
●  Aromatherapy
●  EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique
●  Energy Healing
●  Applied Kinesiology
●  Personalized Health Wellness Coaching
●  Online Group Coaching
●  LIFE Coaching
●  Performance Coaching

Health & Wellness Challenges

Challenges are a fun easy way to help employees to adopt or maintain a healthier lifestyle while creating healthy competition and camaraderie in the workplace. C​ orporate Challenges encourage healthy lifestyle behaviors, ultimately becoming happier, healthier, more energetic and engaged at work. Successful challenges are supportive and fun while fostering camaraderie and team

*All Challenges are customized to fit your offices needs.
*We currently offer two programs: 28 DAY and 6 week transformation

28 DAY Workplace Wellness Challenges

Platform: LIVE Meetings, Private Facebook Group, LIVE Videos, Zoom Video Weekly Conferencing, SMS

Time Commitment: Ranges from 5-15 minutes a day (depending on the Challenge)
Prizes: Challenge activities are based on a point system. The overall winner with the most points will be awarded a prize and/ or recognition.

Challenge Examples:

●  Skinny Jeans Challenge:
●  Do What Moves You Challenge:
●  Drink Up Challenge:
●  Green Smoothie Challenge
●  Clean Eating Challenge
●  Get your Zen On Challenge
●  Lose the Stress Challenge
●  Couch to 5k Challenge
●  Gratitude Challenges
●  Pay it Forward Challenge
●  Declutter Challenge
●  No Alcohol Challenge
●  No Sugar Challenge
●  FITBIT Challenge
●  QUIT SMOKING Challenge

Partner With Us

The best way for us to serve your employees is to gain a deep understanding of your goals and your company culture. From there, we will simplify the process of designing, developing, implementing, and managing various aspects of a wellbeing program, based on your employees needs, interests and ability. Our goal is to create and implement an effective, yet engaging program while personally encouraging and guiding employees to make strides to better health habits. Once the program is in the works, we will stay in communication on how well your employees are engaging in the wellness program.


Our wellness educators are experts in their fields, ranging from certified yoga teachers to certified coaches. All of our educators have a minimum of two-year’s experience and specialize in corporate wellness.

●  1 Seminar/ Workshop Call For Price
●  3 Seminar/ Workshops Call For Price
●  6 Seminar/ Workshops / Call For Price


Cost: ​Call For Price
1 LIVE meetings/discussion 3 Zoom Meetings $20 per person/ minimum 20 ppl
*Optional Prizes and Incentives


Cost; Call For Price
2 LIVE meetings /discussions 4 Zoom Meetings Plus $20 per person/minimum 20 people *Optional Prizes and Incentives


●  Weekly meetings
●  90 minutes in length
●  30 minute yoga/ meditation
●  Journaling
●  Aromatherapy
●  Transformation Tools
●  Self Discovery
●  Group Discussions
●  Weekly Actionable Steps
●  Accountability and Group Support
●  Online support/ emails/ SMS messaging

*Supplies: Green Smoothies Recipes, journal, yoga mat, t-shirt/ aromatherapy bracelet


●  Physical Fitness: Exercise / Yoga/ Steps/ Stairs/ 5k Challenge/ Push-ups / Squats Challenges
●  Emotional Wellness: Mindfulness/ Meditation/ Gratitude Journaling/ EFT (Tapping)
●  Diet/ Nutrition/Cleanse: Weight Loss/ Cleansing/ Whole foods/Green Smoothie Challenge/ Food

Journaling/Kick the Sugar Habit/Water Intake/ Reduce Toxins


●  Hand/outs
●  Journals
●  Essential Oil Samples
●  Essential Oils DIY Roller bottles and Sprays
●  Prizes/ Drawings
●  Teams of 4-6
●  Win weekly grocery/ sporting goods gift cards, t-shirts, supplements, EOS and cash prizes.

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