“People look for retreats for themselves, in the country, by the coast, or

in the hills… There is

nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat

than in his own mind.” —

Marcus Aurelius

Our retreats are created with much thought, passion and expertise. We meet

you where your at, whether you are seeking transformation, clarity,

rejuvenation or simply self care and pampering. In all of our retreats we

always provide empowering and life-changing skills, holistic modalities and

experiences that allow individuals to embrace positive transformation to

live life to the fullest!


Allow us to create a retreat experience specifically tailored to meet your

needs. Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway for the girls or team

building event, we will help you create a curated experience. We understand

that Everyone’s needs and goals are different. We love customizing unique

and experiential activities for your specific group. This could include a

1-3 day event or a multi-day event with overnight stays and meals.

You have an array of options to choose from! Here are a just a few of our

favorite mind-body experiential activities: yoga, meditation, bodywork,

arts and crafts, essential oil workshops, hiking, journaling, pampering

treatments, live drumming, transformational coaching.


Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Ayurvedic treatments, Reiki, Bowen Therapy,

Craniosacral, Chakra Cleansing, Reflexology, Energy Work

ARTS & CRAFTS Painting, adult coloring, drawing, photography, creative

writing, poetry MUSIC FOR THE SOUL Drumming, Kirtan, Live Music

MOVEMENT Do what moves you! Yoga, Dance,Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Mountain

Biking , Horseback Riding, Swimming, HIIT

training , Fitness Bootcamp, Nature Walks, Hiking


Mood, Mind and Sleep with Essential Oils, Cleanse + Detox, Natural Weight

loss, Stress Management, Nutrition, Break the Sugar Habit, Learn to

Meditation, Natural Health with Essential Oils, Stress and Weight Gain


Leadership / Performance, Team Building, Relationships / Communication,

Group Coaching, Experiential Activities, Personal Coaching, Find Your

Purpose, Goal Setting, Time Management

DIY WORKSHOPS: Make your own products full of goodness! All products and

remedies are made with our favorite brand of therapeutic grade essential


Aromatherapy bracelets, natural skin care and spa items, homemade

healthcare remedies, cleaning products, perfume and room sprays


Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, Slow Flow, Vinyasa , Guided Power Flow, Hatha,

AromaYoga, AromaYin, AromaNidra , AromaChakra


Afternoon of Silence, Mindfulness, Silent Meditation, Guided Meditation +

Relaxation, Metta (Loving Kindness) Meditation, Centering Practice,

Beginning Pranayama (Breathwork), Vision Boards , Emotional Freedom


When booking, let us know what your interests are for your group’s retreat

and we can design a program that suits your needs and desires!

Go ahead call us TODAY. You deserve it! Contact us at and allow us to design a transformational, life

changing retreat for your group.


Our Immersion Retreat is our signature retreat that provides the

opportunity to dive deep into yoga, meditation, journaling, self discovery

and nature hikes. To add to your experience, aromatherapy bliss will be

sprinkled throughout the retreat, enlivening your senses while encouraging

peace and happiness for body, mind & spirit! You will explore and deepen

your mind body practice (no matter your level ) while gaining a greater

understanding of yourself, shedding away old layers of limiting beliefs

that get in our way of our life’s purpose, while feeling the support and

understanding of your newly discovered, yet lifelong friends. This is the

perfect opportunity to IMMERSE yourself in YOU. You are going to love what

you find.


It’s virtually impossible to avoid toxins in our modern world. We are

bombarded with more chemicals in one day than our grandparent were their

entire lifetime. Toxic chemicals are everywhere- in our food, our water

supply and in our homes.

Consider stress for a moment. Did you know stress is the number one cause

of a weakened immune system (opening the door to ALL diseases and Illnesses

not to mention, premature aging. Belly bulge? Stress loves to hangout on

your love handles.

Our emotions can be toxic, such as guilt, shame and regrets. Some of us

have friends who are toxic- sucking the life right out of us.

The good news is our bodies are resilient, downright miraculous even, with

the capability to eliminate, heal and restore. This retreat will begin the

process of restoring the body and mindfor better physical and emotional

well-being. You will learn an array of simple and effective cleansing

techniques while discovering new energy, mental clarity, glowing skin and

perhaps even shedding a few pounds.

Here’s what you can anticipate:

Daily yoga practice, beginning breathwork and meditation, journaling,

health and nutrition lectures, guided nature hikes, emotional wellness

experiential workshops, cleanse and restore discussions, and nutritious

vegetarian meals and juices.


meal preparation classes, exercise classes, juice fasting healing, fruit

feasts, spa treatments using natural ingredients, raw food and cleansing



Are you planning your next chapter in life or perhaps ready for a career

change? Our Life Coaching Retreats are transformational and intensive.

Groups are typically smaller and more intimate, creating a safe but

powerful setting for self discovery, connection and healing.

What to expect:

● Identify the inner critic & address your limiting beliefs

that no longer serve you.

● Learn the how to practice loving kindness for yourself,

allowing you to release any guilt, doubt or shame.

● Learn daily mindfulness practices experiential exercises

that will strengthen your purpose.

● Discover your strengths, your passions and what matters most

in your life.

● Define and declare your commitment to your authentic self.

What’s Included

● Group coaching + personal, 1 on 1 coaching

● Daily yoga + meditation, breathwork, mindfulness and


● Experiential workshops, group discussions

● 3 healthy meals/day plus accommodations

● coffee , tea and snacks

● Workbook and journal You Should Attend if…

● You want to play big with passion and purpose

● You need support as you walk through a transitions (divorce,

career, empty nest)

● You want to relax and decompress from the day to day grind

● You want to learn how to meditate

● You want to reconnect with your body

● You want to be UNSTUCK

● You are a personal development junkie

● You are in a management and leadership position

● You want to know your purpose and what it is you really,

really want

● You want more connection, engagement, and openness in your


● Experience more inner peace and happiness on a daily basis ● THE

SIZE + ACCOMMODATIONS Minimum guests 6, accommodating up to 12. Weekend

check-in are on typically Fridays at 5pm. Check-out is Sunday at 2pm.

Weekends are very popular so please book early to avoid disappointment. If

your group prefers longer retreats, send us an email we would be happy to

accomodate. If you have any further questions or wish to book, please

contact Unite @ 248.721.1803 / email

We look forward to hearing from you!


Looking for an escape but can’t commit to the time nor the finances for an

international trip? Afraid to fly? Your first retreat? Want to baby step

it? We have the perfect solution for you! If you happen to live in southern

Michigan, join us for a weekend retreat- recharge and rejuvenate yourself.

The Red Poppy is local and super convenient, yet tucked away in nature so

it’s easy to leave your worldly worries behind Whether you are by yourself

or with a friend or family member, our weekend retreats are a great

opportunity to enjoy a casual weekend of yoga, wellness and transformation

with like-minded people.

Weekend Immersion Retreat

Our signature retreat but in condensed weekend version! This weekend

retreat includes 2 yoga classes a day, essential oils/ aromatherapy,

meditation, experiential group coaching, quiet free time, hiking,

journaling, self reflection, plus group discussions with experiential


Our retreats are open to all. Join one of our retreats or host your own. We

would be happy to customize your retreat according to your group’s

interests and ability.

Go ahead, schedule yourself in today, you deserve it.

A Day in the Life of our Weekend Immersion Retreat ….

● Daily morning and evening yoga & meditation sessions

● Hiking opportunities + scenic views

● Quiet, midday free time

● Freshly prepared meals with plenty of fresh vegetables and


● Coffee, herbal tea, juice

● Complimentary wine with dinner

● Backyard bonfire gathering

● 2 nights accommodations

● Shared accommodations

● Complimentary journal and essential oil roller bottle blend

● Workshops on yoga, mindfulness health and wellness

● GroupCoachingandbreakthroughjournalingsessions Enhancements: DIY

Make +Take Workshops: Choose from many: DIY Aromatherapy bracelets, Natural

skin care products, homemade remedies and perfume and room sprays made w/

pure essential oils Massage /Bodywork : Massage, Thai Yoga Massage,

Ayurvedic treatments, Reiki, Bowen Therapy, Craniosacral, Chakra

Cleansing Fitness

& Outdoor Activities: Kayaking | Rock Climbing | Mountain Biking |

Horseback Riding | Swimming | HIIT training | Fitness Bootcamp | Weekend

Massage treatments | DIY Skin + Spa Items | Vision Boards | Creative

Writing | Aromatherapy bracelet making| DIY Essential Oil Perfumes and

Remedies | Wine tasting | Nature Walks | Holistic Treatments Indulge in a

body treatment with one on our expertly trained in house therapists. Yoga

Ashtanga Yin, Restorative , Slow Flow , Vinyasa , Power Flow , Hatha

AromaYoga , AromaYin , AromaNidra , AromaChakra THE FOOD There will be

plenty of hearty, healthy meal on this retreat Wholesome and vegetarian,

free of wheat, dairy and sugar when possible. Our food is freshly prepared

each day and although it is a mainly vegetarian menu, we do cater for

non-vegetarians too. We aim to provide healthy, nutritious food served

buffet style.

Potential Location for Retreat Locally:

Our main retreat venue is set within the beautiful grounds of The Red

Poppy, a beautiful hideaway located North of M-59 in Highland, Michigan.

Our secluded lakefront property is surrounded by 12 wooded acres. Our

natural, serene setting is perfect for quiet getaways, gatherings,

meetings, and retreats. Quiet reading nooks, gathering rooms and

multipurpose use areas are available. We offer a range of sleeping

accommodations. Relish wholesome, organically grown on-site fresh produce

with accommodations for specific dietary needs upon request. Enjoy the use

of our year round indoor pool and exercise equipment. Activities such as

swimming, kayaking and hiking are also available to you. We are a handicap

accessible facility. For more information.. Click here …


We accommodate up to 20 guests with a minimum of 10. If you have any

further queries or wish to book your next dream retreat, please contact

Unite @ 248.721.1803 or email We look forward

to hearing from you!

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Global Yoga Retreats

We are passionate about yoga, travel and personal transformation! Global

Yoga Retreats are perfect balance of yoga, self discovery, wellness and

nature activities offered in some of the most beautiful places in the

world. Join one of our retreats, or let us customize one for you and your

group. Our Global Yoga Retreats will deepen your yoga practice and your

commitment to yourself offering top- level yoga instruction and

transformational coaching excellence. Enduring friendships will be made

while experiencing many kind-hearted locals and their delicious food from

around the globe. A retreat with us will offer you all the experiential

tools you crave for transformation while having the time of your life!

Future retreats will be held in Italy, Bali, India, Costa Rica, Morocco,

Egypt and Spain- just to name a few! Please contact us to join our next

life- changing, awe-inspiring global retreat!

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CORPORATE WELLNESS Mindfulness + Wellness in the Workplace Workshop

Imagine this. You have a team of dedicated, creative and open-minded

individuals who know how to manage stress and remain focused when working

under pressure. You know the when your employees are happy, your customers

are happy. This ultimately leads to the success of your organization. We

have many tools to help you achieve your goals for your team. . We offer a

full range of workshops, yoga classes, weekend retreats, group coaching and

individual coaching, all tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Hands-on,

experiential exercises and techniques and takeaways that employees can

implement right away. Our mindfulness workshops will not only help your

teams handle obstacles of the working environment, but also help boost

productivity, while limiting employee absence, staff turnover and

interpersonal conflicts. Below are listed our standard corporate wellness

packages, We can customize the topics and the length. We would be happy to

do a two hour however we are flexible to personalize a custom package that

will meet the specific needs of your organization. Our corporate wellness

programs are designed to promote well being of the entire organization.

Employee Benefits

● More energy + Vitality + mental clarity

● Simple strategies that eliminate the 3 o’clock crash

● Stress management techniques

● Emotional intelligence and mindfulness

● Desk stretches and relaxation tools

● 5 minutes workouts that increase metabolism

● High energy foods that boost productivity

● Accountability programs to support positive habit change

● Team building and camaraderie

● May improve memory and concentration, enhancing ability to

focus on tasks

● May increased physical and mental well being, reducing costs

associated with sickness

● May increased productivity and engagement

● May create fewer absences and a reduction in staff turnover

● May improved communication skills, lessening conflict

between staff members Corporate Yoga Treat your team to hatha yoga

classes that are designed to promote wellness, increase well being and

reduce stress. Aiding in concentration and memory, giving you effective

techniques that can be utilised within the workplace daily, lifting energy,

mood and ultimately productivity within your team. Corporate yoga can be

added into your wellness workshop or it can be a series of sessions. Let’s

talk. Benefits of yoga in the workplace include…

● Reduction in tension and stress

● Improvement in balance, strength, and stability

● Harmony within the mind, spirit, and body

● Detoxification of the body and increase in muscle tone

● Enhanced focus, memory, and concentration

● Improvement in overall physical and mental health

● Improvement in one’s posture and flexibility

TAB #4


Life Coaching is not about finding quick answers. It’s about slowing down

enough so you can start asking the right questions. Coaching sessions

provide you with the tools and skills you need to create

positive change in your life. We believe that small changes in your

everyday thinking can create massive shifts in your life.

Would you like to:

● Lose weight and feel good?

● Calm your mind and sleep better?

● Have clarity of your career path?

● Attract your ideal partner?

● Stop negative habits?

● Get out of a rut and feel more inspired in your life?

● Learn more about yourself and your core values?

● Have someone support you and hold you accountable to your goals?

● Learn how to prioritize and simplify your life?

● Experience more inner peace and happiness on a daily basis? IF


exactly what you are looking for. Think of a Life Coach as a partner who

helps you discover your innate wisdom and your purpose. Your coach will

help you to see the power that already exists in you, while encouraging you

to connect to your inner self so you can discover the answers that lie

within. Together, you and your coach will define exactly what it is you

want, your ultimate goals and desires. From there, your coach will create a

simple, fool proof plan to get you there. Small actionable steps and

accountability is a crucial part of this transformational journey, moving

you toward your ultimate goal and dreams.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a complimentary 20

minute information coaching session with us, please Contact us! Be the

first to know about our Online Group Coaching Courses and Programs – SIGN

UP HERE. We look forward to hearing from you.

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